Frozen Warmth

Published on 23 November 2023 at 12:37

Morning sounds, birds chirp
up and at 'em, another day of work

sun hits my eyes, glimmers with light
sparks a fire translucent to my inside


eyes meet, lips speak,
cradle me in those tender, loving arms
they rise with me without alarm


layer me with clothes, head to toe

why drape me in these flamboyant scarves?
such silliness is your work of art


we tread quietly downstairs
unlock the door and interlock our fingers

blanketed in snow, but who would’ve known

with my mother’s soft touch


hand in hand we trail along,

I begin to sing in song

one block down, but then held back,
my mother completes a spell just like that


and before I know it, I’m in her grasp
paying no attention to her short breath or gasp

yes, there’s honking, a motor scowls
while I remain as happy as a clown


in my mother's arms
her racing heart links with mine
together our hearts beat

and intertwine


she sets me down and yes, I mind
because we both know this intimacy

doesn’t happen all the time


It comes and goes
just like fleeting breath clouds

we know the ice will melt away and
the day and the next will soon decay


but the warmth of her hand never lets go
because those memories we hold


are forever frozen in the snow.

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